• About Us

    Dear Students and Parents,
       PFTA(Patliputra Films and Television Academy) is here to introduce the art and craft of cinema. Experienced people from BOLLYWOOD and BIHAR inclined towards the teaching of cinema making are here to impart ample and adequate training and guidance in the field of Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Light arrangement, Script writing including story development, Screenplay and Dialogue writing, Film Editing, Sound Recording.

    For us it is just a beginning of the pleasant journey with a hand full of talented and enthusiastic creative minds, who are eager for the current and future generation of our state to face the medium with confidence and capability to succeed in the cinematic world. Our mission is not to churn out mere technicians, but to equip an individual to think beyond the ordinary space, as we think creativity can not be restricted within parameters.

    Our courses are structured to train our students with deep knowledge of cinematic spectrum. Our strength lies in the fact that, we will conduct quality short-term courses with an intention to work even for the growth of our own industry in Patna very soon.

    Right from Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Recording, Production Design to Direction, Acting or Writing. We provide all kind of training facilities under one roof. Backed with new age equipments, beautiful garden for shooting and excellent faculty for teach the Film making. It is very correct that PFTA(Patliputra Film and Television Academy) is the place to fulfil your dreams.

    With an impressive faculty both in-house and guest, the expertise of film making are rendered through a balanced curriculum over classroom instructions, periodic practical and intensive workshops.

    We believe firmly in going the extra mile for all our students and hence placements are an integral part of our programme. Our well-placed network has enabled us to set our students in ace film and television production houses, provided one should deserve to be in that place.

    As an Academy, we believe in setting new standards. And because we believe, we can and we will achieve what we have thought. Do come to us if you have a dream, and believe us, we will turn it into reality.