When I was a kid, I always enjoyed to see films. This interest developed a lot and I wanted to become a film director. I did not have any opportunity, as I was born in a state which had nothing to offer me to fulfill my dreams. Situation remains more or less the same even till date. I had to leave my native place to pursue my dreams.

    I landed in Mumbai, but I did not had any formal education to fit into the world of film and television. My growth affected with regard to time. I struggled hard.

    With the blessings of God, during the journey of my career, I achieved so much which I never expected. I am working in the best general entertainment channel and cinematic world of our country and getting handsome rewards, but I live with regret that, I have not been able to do, what I thought long back. The day I left Bihar I expected a Film and Training Academy running in Bihar in future.

    Now we have decided to move in that way of cinema making, with our own little means and sincere efforts. We in Patna, with the help of well wishers and like minded people of Bihar.

    Supported by people settled outside Bihar especially Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Chenai, Hydrabad and Bangalore cinematic world. We will provide ample opportunities and training to the coming generation of Bihar. So that they will be ready to face the future with right kind of ammunition at their disposal. We believe nothing is impossible, and collective effort will have a larger impact than an individual's. We are making a start with a belief that one day some one else will take it to the next level.

    Today entire world is looking at Bihar as it is growing in every field and has emerged as one of the fastest growing state. Still in cinematic field, we do not see any initiative coming up. Patliputra Films and Television Academy here with a promise to produce well equipped and skilled technicians as Directors, writers, Film Editors, Sound Recordist and Actors.

    As a matter of fact that the whole film world of India(including regional films) is getting a business of more than one lac crores per year. We want to share this amount with our talents of Bihar.